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Our country primitive store in Bowling Green, KY, has a year-round Christmas section that has old time tin ornaments and Coca-Cola tree trims. You will also find roosters, apples, funny wooden signs, ragged Ann & Andy dolls, jams, jellies, honey and Cowboy Candy. Plus Silver rings set with beautiful gemstones from around the world. Come step back in time with us.

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Our little store is like stepping back in time. Filled with old-time goodies that are perfect for the country-prim home and those who love the primitive look.


    A rag doll shows off our collection of country jams and jellies all Amish made. 


    We also have relishes, butters, pickles, and salsas, locally made, from old, old Kentucky recipes. Such country favourites as Corn Relish, Green Tomato Pickles, Farmer's Market Corn Salsa, Pear Butter, Pickled Beets, Sweet Pepper Relish, Squash Pickles, Jalapeno Relish, Apple Butter,  Black Bean Salsa, Watermelon Pickles, Moonshine Jelly and a lot more.

    Come in for a taste!     


    Please note: At this time we are unable to ship Jam, Jelly or Relishes.......

       Maybe soon.                          










Barn wood birdhouses and oven kitchen towels add charm to any home.

Large wooden signs and wooden boxes give a delightful country look.

Collectable Tin canisters

add a perfect touch to your kitchen with smaller signs for an accent.

Sunflowers in your yard or in a bowl

Ty and the Sunflowers


Our beautiful sweet Ty loves sunflowers and loves going into a sunflower field. When no one is looking she likes to pick one or two. Folks all over the world love these great big beautiful beauties. So, too, do the birds. 


Right now is the time to gather your sunflowers before the bird's feast on them.  The key is to know when they are ready: 


1) Are the flowers starting to drop?

2) Are the fuzzy florets easy to rub off?

3) Are the birds around all the time?


If you answered yes to 2 of the 3 questions -  it's time to cut the sunflowers.


Now, the question is what do you want to do  Save seeds for the birds or roast them to snack on during the long Winter. Well, let's do both.


Harvesting and drying sunflowers:


1) Cut sunflowers off close to the stem and dry off. You can put them in a paper bag in a warm spot in your home and let them dry on their own. However, I prefer to dry my seeds in the oven.  If you want to do that here's how:


1) Rub off florets.

2) Push off seeds. Thumbs work well.

3) Put seeds on a cookie sheet and bake in a 70-degree oven for 2 hours. Leave in the oven for 6 hours or overnight to cool.

Your seeds should be dry, if not repeat. Seeds can be stored in an airtight container and are perfect for your bird feeder.


But, if you want to roast some for eating -  here's how.


1) In a good size pot, add 1/4 cup of salt to 1-quart of water. You will need to repeat the amount until you have enough to cover all of your seeds.

2) Soak overnight. Use a plate to hold the seeds down.

3) Rinse, drain off, and pat dry with a dishcloth.

4) Place seeds on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes. 

5) Cool and enjoy.


The end of Summer can be a wonderful fun time if you have sunflowers and if you don't.... plant some next year!


For the love of Cardinals.....

Everyone loves to see a pair of Cardinals in their yard. This has been going on for years starting with the arrival of Catholic European settlers who gave the Cardinals their name. Seeing the red peaked plumed head of the male Cardinal the settlers noticed how much the bird looked like the blessed Cardinals of their faith. And so they were named.


 Known as lovebirds (the male feeds seeds to the female as a sign of commitment)  they mate for life. Cardinals work together to create their nest and both help with the care of their young. Odd to the rest of the bird world the female (the only female bird) sings and calls the male when she needs food for the young.


The Cardinal pair builds their nest together. The female is the weaver adding some supplies from the male. She builds the nest out dry leaves, twigs, dry grasses and slips of grapevine if available. Starting 3 years ago I kept my Morning Glory vines up after Summer and in the early Spring pulled them down making a pile of vines on the end of a deck post. Within a month the dead vines are gone and often found in nests. 


In their nest, you will find 3 to 6 blush beige eggs with a touch of olive brown on them. Cardinals have 2 to 3 broods a year and their young often stay with them adding more Cardinals to your yard.


Because of their strong beaks, Cardinals are seed eaters and love Sunflower and Black Sunflower seeds. However, in Summer, they will eat fruit, berries, insects and grain. They do use feeders but will eat from platform feeders. I use pie pans on my deck rail and the pans work perfectly. Nail them down and the pans are good to go. 


Cardinals do not migrate. They will stay within 2 miles of where they were born.  In Winter Cardinals roost in groups. Put out roosting boxes to help them endure cold Winter nights and if you have planted Spring flowers that make seed heads leave them on for them to eat the seeds.  


You can find Cardinals (known as Northern Cardinals) all along the eastern US and are spreading westward as cities become more

bird-friendly. They live in forest, regrown forest, parks, overgrown fields and your backyard. They like spaces that are bushes,  have close grown trees and fruit trees


Cardinals are the state bird of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, North Carlina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. Because of their beauty, dedication to mates and musical songs they are our most popular year-round bird. And some believe that when a Cardinal appears an angle is near.


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Using Raw Honey.....


There is more to raw honey than just a good taste. It contains 27 minerals, 22 amino acids and 5,000 live enzymes that will keep you healthy. Honey is antibacterial and a boost to the immune system. What makes raw honey so good? It's simple ... it's pure, unheated and unprocessed so you get all of its vitamins and you can rid yourself of sugar.


One easy way to use raw honey instead of sugar is to make infusion concoctions. Below are some of the best of the best.... easy and fast ! All infusions start with one cup of honey and 1 Tbsp of whatever you want to use in your concoction. 


Cloves for glazing ham. Pour over, add pineapple slices and bake.


Mint for lemonade and tea. Just add ice.


Garlic for baking chicken. Lemon slices can be added on top and bake. 


Cinnamon for baked goods.... biscuits, toast, pancakes and more.  


Lemon peel for baking or barbequing pork chops just spread it on.


Vanilla for adding to a glass of warm milk as a sleep aid.  


Apple pie spice for baking apples. Core out the center and put a spoonful in.


Ginger for cereal, baked goods and glazing baked carrots. Add in the last 30 minutes.


Orange peel for hot or cold tea. Just add to taste.


Jalapeno for marinades and steamed vegetables.


Pumpkin Pie Spice for topping pancakes. 


Give one or two a try or better yet think up some new ones and let us know so we can add it to our list!


In our store, we have pints of Raw Honey for sale.... so pick some up!



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Happy August...near the end of Summer


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