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Our attention to quality has made us a gift shop leader. At Yesteryear Country Store the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations! With our wide range of gifts, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.

Our country primitive store in Bowling Green, KY, has a year-round Christmas section that has old time tin ornaments and Coca-Cola tree trims. You will also find roosters, apples, funny wooden signs, Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls, jams, jellies, honey and Cowboy Candy. Plus Silver rings set with beautiful gemstones from around the world. Come step back in time with us.

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Our little store is like stepping back in time. Filled with old-time goodies that are perfect for the country-prim home and those who love the primitive look.


    A rag doll shows off our collection of country jams and jellies all Amish made. 


    We also have relishes, butters, pickles, and salsas, locally made, from old, old Kentucky recipes. Such country favourites as Corn Relish, Green Tomato Pickles, Farmer's Market Corn Salsa, Pear Butter, Pickled Beets, Sweet Pepper Relish, Squash Pickles, Jalapeno Relish, Apple Butter,  Black Bean Salsa, Watermelon Pickles, Moonshine Jelly and a lot more.

    Come in for a taste!     


    Please note: At this time we are unable to ship Jam, Jelly or Relishes.......

       Maybe soon.                          










Barn wood birdhouses and oven kitchen towels add charm to any home.

Large wooden signs and wooden boxes give a delightful country look.

Collectable Tin canisters

add a perfect touch to your kitchen with smaller signs for an accent.

Welcome, February .....the coldest                         month of the year ...... 





Helping the

          Birds of


As Winter begins to set in its time to start finding ways to help the birds that have lived in your back yard all Summer and are not heading South to wait for Spring. Gone are the berries and seed plants - some now covered in ice or snow.

Putting out birdhouses and roosting boxes will help to keep them warm. Straw left from Fall decorating is often picked up by birds and used in trees to make roosting spaces to keep warm. Often you will see birds carrying leaves to hollows in trees to make a warm bed for the Winter night.


Simple things can help birds fatten up during the day that will help them during the cold night. Keep seed feeders filled not to the top, but 2/3 full so that they can be refilled every day or so. This way feeders always have fresh loose seeds and will not freeze up. Birds go through a lot of seeds and a lot fall out. Pat down any snow below your feeder so ground feeding birds will eat the fallen seeds. 


There are things from your kitchen that can be used to help your birds. Old pie tins with holes in them make perfect platform feeders for birds that are ground feeders like Cardinal, Juncos and Doves. I have nailed two to my deck rail and filled both at times with sunflowers seeds and bits of fruit. Bread crumbs and bread used to wipe out a skillet after frying bacon works well in those pans, too. The fat is good for birds and is much like suite which is made from rendered beef fat with, seed, dried fruit and grain added. 


Water in Winter is important for birds. But, keeping water for your birds is tricky. In no time it turns to ice unless you purchase a water heater. One most often used for a bird bath. Last year I purchased two large dog water bowls. The type used for a big dog and made of soft plastic.  Fill one 3/4 of the way and when it turned to ice I turn it over and fill the second one the same way. The ice slides out of the first one and I'm ready to go. I do my water changing in the morning when the birds are around and active.


Bird watching is the second favourite hobby in the world - only second to gardening. So put your feeders, houses and pie pans near a window. Grab a cup of tea and a chair and watch the birds of Winter. 


Do bird need water in Winter?

Do birds need water in Winter? Yes! Here a Cardinal gets a drink from the edge of an iced lake. Help your year-round friends by putting water out each day and changing it when it freezes. It takes a little work, but its worth it. Your birds will learn that water is available and return each day. This is most important when there is no snow - just ice.


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